Funked Out With A Gangsta Twist

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illustrations by bengal

(via givenchy-kisses)



Shout out to HkCovers for creating an amazing piece of artwork. 
And here it is. My mixtape: Wicked Prophet Presents - Jackin’ For Beats Volume 1. Features include Josh Kirschner and Abish Ravi. Thanks to the both of you for laying down your vocals. Thanks to the family, friends and all around supporters who took me seriously with dropping a project. Shout out to all my new friends/supporters from WHS. Without any of you, I would have rotted in a private Jewish school, that didn’t care about the music I made, which would have never allowed me to evolve. Either keep scrolling down and stay sleeping, or..Represent your city, #MONTREAL.
1. Summer Living
2. Auditorium 
3. No Church In The Wild (feat. Ayenar)
4. Ice Cream (feat. Ayenar)
5. Mercy 
6. Black Cat Jazz (feat. Kush Kush)
7. Shoot a Flare
8. No Stress
9. Rack City
10. Bang
11. Goldie
12. Dat New New
13. Ambition 

you download my niggas mixtape, you gon like it on the real though
If it wasn’t for Boyz N’ The Hood, this would be my favorite movie
Rest In Peace B.I.G

Fudge Brown & Wicked Prophet - Ice Cream (Remix) (by 514Resurrected)

LL Cool J - I Shot Ya [Dirty] [HD] (by OfficialGangSite)